Emma Hack: Artist

Emma Hack is an Adelaide based, internationally known artist, who is known for her skill in the art of body painting, having painted celebrities, including singer; Gotye in his video for ‘Somebody that I used to know’, she is a truly talented artist. I had the pleasure of chatting with her in her newly renovated gallery, located on O’Connell street, here is what she shared with me:

What made you choose to become an artist?

I’ve always felt like an artist. But I ended up getting trained in hair and make-up. I was doing hair and makeup to earn a living, although I was using my artistic skills whenever possible, I have been body painting for 25 years. It wasn’t until 2002, which is when I had my first exhibition. I just decided that if I focused on my art I would be able to create what I wanted to create.

What inspires you and your art?

- Vintage fashion
– Nature
– Different cultures
– Other artists coming up with new ways of doing things
– Mixed mediums
– Different textures
– Techniques I used as a child (eg. pin pricking in year 2)

What are some of your stand-out career moments?

Stand-out career moments include; doing my first calender, my first exhibition, the moment I realised that I could actually sell my work; I had a stall at an art fair in 2008 and we had a line of people waiting to purchase a piece of my art (it was so humbling), creating the ‘crash car’ by painting 17 people and positioning them in a way to look like a car, having Joanne Gair, who painted Demi Moore for Vanity Fair, come to see my exhibition, and finally my having first exhibition in New York.

Advice for up and coming Artists?

- Practice as much as you can.

- Always be true to yourself and your vision.

- Have strong morals and ethics in the way you treat people.

- A successful career does not happen overnight!

- Stick with what you know and refine it.

- My Dad’s advice: Plan your work and work your plan (plan, assess, then go and do)

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