The Story Of A Wellness Author: Stefan Miraglia

I was recently introduced to Wellness Blogger and Author of “Redesign Your Mind”, as soon as I saw his work I knew we had to have a chat! I hope reading about his journey will inspire you too, to not only talk about your mental health struggles with those around you, but also, motivate you to work towards your next goal….
Tell us how it all began, what’s your story? 
I started my blog over 2 years ago as I wanted to help people on their mental health journey. Too often people feel alone and unsure of where to turn, and with my writing I know it helps people feel like they are not alone. It also helps me by sharing my story and ways in which I learned to cope with challenges such as anxiety, depression and general negative thinking.
Why write a book? And how do you go from an idea to being a published author?
I wrote a book to put my story and all the tools I use into something that people can use to help inspire and motivate them. Like anything in life, going from an idea to being a published author took a lot of time, effort and commitment to my goal.
You spent 2 years writing your book! How did you stay motivated? 
I will admit it wasn’t easy. At each stage you come against roadblocks and things that weren’t expected. It takes more time and energy  than you think but what kept me motivated was the drive to get it out there in readers hands. I wish I had this book when I was younger so I wanted to help someone else who may need it.
How did writing a book and sharing your story help you and your mental health, and what would you tell others who want to share their mental health struggles, but are afraid of any judgement or stigma?
It definitely helped my mental health as I was always researching and investigating different tools and methods to help with mental health. I also checked facts and figures to find out what works for everyone and not just for me. I would say to anyone, for anything in life – don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. If there’s something you want to do or that you want to share – then do it. As a society we have already come so far at ending the stigma and by sharing your story you are going to make it even better.
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Throw That ‘Too Hard Basket’ Out and Start Achieving Your Goals

So that famous too hard basket, have you heard the saying? Well i reckon I hadn’t heard of it till I joined the workforce. And it’s made me think, why have we made it so easy to just throw something in the too hard basket, why should this be allowed, because really throwing something in the too hard basket actually means giving up or not doing something about something that needs doing.
I know for me I don’t really think about the too hard basket very often and I think there are 3 reasons for this:
1. I’m usually passionate about the things I think about doing so I’ll do whatever I can to not make it so hard to do.
2. I work on it slowly, do abit here and abit there so it doesn’t feel like I’m taking on a massive task all at once.
3. I don’t think of it as too hard. Our brains have so much power that the more we think something the more real it feels and the more we believe it.
So my lessons here are firstly if you really are passionate about doing something then take it on as a challenge, it’s not going to be easy but it doesn’t mean the idea needs to go in the too hard basket, it just needs a little TLC. Secondly, break your idea down into doable steps (Rome wasn’t built in a day..hey hey hey). And thirdly, I think this point is so important; don’t think of something as too hard, if you really want to do something, and it’s physically possible, then just put a little bit of time and work into it. Once you start working on it, it will become easier and easier!